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Mark Clayton: Responsible For Sam Bradford's Lower Completion Percentage Than You Expected

The Rams' receiving corps is so decimated by injury and plagued by inexperience that I'm copacetic with nearly any move they could make to add depth, including this one. But lest we think Sam Bradford has just gotten himself a reliable target in time for week one I'd like to enter into the court record Mark Clayton's catch rates over his last three seasons: 54 percent; 40 percent; 46 percent. In 74 attempts from Joe Flacco in 2009, Clayton caught 34 passes.


At his best he provides the Rams with a interesting big-play target, and if he sticks with the team—I don't know how he wouldn't—he'll make a play or three that gives all of us an outsized hope for the future. But as a true go-to receiver for a rookie quarterback he's more an interesting dilemma than an interesting answer.