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Colby Rasmus And Tony La Russa: They're Friends Again

So here's my theory. It's two parts, and it has a lot to do with why we just spent so much time talking about Colby Rasmus and Tony La Russa.

  1. Clubhouse machinations are not very interesting, therefore they only appear in the news when ...
  2. ↵
  3. The team on the baseball field is even less interesting. 
  4. ↵

The St. Louis Cardinals have personified disinterest for a solid three weeks. I'm sure we'd all be under the impression that Rasmus and La Russa didn't like each other very much, but until the Cardinals finally became so uninteresting as to force this story to the front, or at least furthest from the back, it wasn't a story.


Now the Cardinals are winning again—at least for the moment—and Tony and Colby clarify that they aren't quite ready to have a loser-leaves-the-WWF ladder match for the right to stay in St. Louis. It's funny how this works.