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NFC Championship Game Halftime: Bears Down 14 Vs. Packers At Half

With half of the NFC Championship Game in the books the Chicago Bears find themselves down 14-0 to the Green Bay Packers in a wild start to the final leg of the Super Bowl race. Aaron Rodgers is the MVP to date, 10-for-15 with 156 passing yards and a deflected interception; he has one of the Packers' two touchdowns in one of five rushes for 39 yards. Jay Cutler has been harried at every turn by a stiff Packers defense; he stands at 6-for-13 with 80 yards and an interception. The Bears' offense has just 103 yards through two quarters, and has had to punt five times.

In the second half the Bears will have to find an efficient stretch of offense from the running game or the passing game; in the first, neither functioned as it needed to. Matt Forte—who's also the team's leading receiver—had eight carries for just 28 yards. Only one completion has gone to a wide receiver, for all Mike Martz's scheming. The Packers have chewed up yards on both side of the ball; they have 148 passing yards and 104 rushing yards. 

Jay Cutler was banged up at the start of the third quarter but continued to play.