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2011 Super Bowl: Charles Woodson, Barack Obama Continue Awkward Semi-Feud

After Charles Woodson and the Green Bay Packers defeated President Barack Obama’s Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game, the veteran cornerback managed to earn himself a little extra heat by suggesting that if “the President don’t want to come watch us at the Super Bowl, guess what? ”" target="new">We’re gonna see him." He’s continued the WWE-style feud by explaining his reasoning behind the presidential call-out: “”" target="new">Well I voted for him… so why is he not a Green Bay fan? … for him to only go to the Super Bowl because Chicago is there I thought is not fair to me."

The President of the United States of America did not return SB Nation St. Louis’s request for comment, although I have it on good authority that Hosni Mubarak might not have anything better to do next week. Woodson, whose career renaissance continues even as he becomes eligible to run for president himself in 2012, will have to get through the Pittsburgh Steelers to finally meet Obama in person and ask him about his Chicago-centric worldview.