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Brett Hull's On Twitter: Since He's "Good At Everything," He'll Be Good At This

Hold on to your golf clubs. The Ambassador of Fun himself, Brett Hull, is on Twitter (@2ndbesthull) thanks to some coercing by Kelly Chase (@chasenpucks).


Here’s hoping that Hull realizes he’s now in for a barrage of angry tweets from Sabres fans who still hate him. Of course, Hullie holds nothing back, so this could be very well the most honest and candid account since Jeremy Roenick’s. The difference here is that people actually like Brett Hull.


God help us if the Blues win the Cup. As Hull once said, "You know what? I don’t care. I’m my own guy. I’m very secure with my sexuality. I can cry anytime I want. " So there you go. Get ready for some blunt honesty and potential waterworks on Twitter.