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Week 4 NFL Injury Report: Danny Amendola Still Questionable, Steven Jackson Ready To Go

The St. Louis Rams won't be able to put Danny Amendola's injury behind them until Week 6 at least. Which means we still have to look at that elbow injury until then.

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The St. Louis Rams' injury-plagued offense will get a boost Sunday when Steven Jackson plays a full game for the first time all season, but Danny Amendola's injury woes continue—the wide receiver, who led the Rams in receptions in 2010 but dislocated his elbow in especially ugly fashion in Week 1, has been upgraded from doubtful to questionable but is still unlikely to play in the Rams' Week 4 contest against the Washington Redskins.

With a bye week coming up after, the Rams might have their starting slot receiver back in time for their next game—still an impressive result after an injury that some thought might be season-ending immediately after it happened. Always the scrapper, Amendola insisted he'd try to get back as soon as Week 2 when it happened.

In 2010 Amendola caught the ball 85 times for 689 yards and three touchdowns, serving as Sam Bradford's primary pressure-release valve and Pat Shurmur's countless-short-passes enabler. Without Amendola the Rams have turned, unsuccessfully so far, to rookie wide receiver Greg Salas.