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World Series 2011 Weather Update: St. Louis Cardinals, Major League Baseball To Discuss Postponing Game 6

With inclement weather expected in the area tonight, St. Louis Cardinals general manager Jon Mozeliak will meet with Major League Baseball at 1 p.m. to discuss the possibility of postponing the game ahead of time. Mozeliak revealed this information during an interview Wednesday morning with Tim McKernan of St. Louis' 590 The Fan.

If the game is indeed cancelled, various interesting developments in strategy may come into play. Namely, the pitching staffs for both the Cardinals and the Texas Rangers will receive an extra day of rest, potentially altering the course of Game 6 and, if it gets to that point, a Game 7. If Game 6 is indeed postponed, expect to hear speculation regarding the availability of Cardinals SP Chris Carpenter, who started Game 5, and may be available for a Game 7.

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