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R&B Singer Joe Set To Sing National Anthem Before Game Six; David Eckstein to Throw First Pitch

SB Nation St. Louis has learned from the Cardinals Sales & Services department the R&B singer Joe Thomas (known as just "Joe") will be performing the national anthem before Game Six of the World Series. You may know Joe from such hits as "I Wanna Know", "Stutter", and a bunch of others. Look them up, this isn't a press release. As a native of Georgia, he has nothing to do with the city of Saint Louis, like everyone else who has sung the national anthem this World Series.


We were also informed that MLB has yet to determine who will throw out tonight's first pitch, so we're going to go ahead and assume it will be someone from Glee.


UPDATE: The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting former Cardinals short stop and 2006 World Series MVP David Eckstein will be throwing out the first pitch. No word on if he will require a running start, like most of his throws from short.