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Tony La Russa Retires: "Time To Do Something Different"

Tony La Russa was a manager in Major League Baseball for 32 years. He coached over 5,000 games. He walked to the pitcher's mound and back over 50 million times (number approximate). That's a lot of baseball, and like most people who do one thing for over 30 years, the legendary manager of the St. Louis Cardinals wants to, well, do some other stuff.

"Enough's enough, it's time to do something different," said La Russa during his farewell press conference Monday morning, in his typically acerbic tone. And really, who can blame him? La Russa's three World Series titles bring him into a tie for fourth all time, alongside legendary skippers like John McGraw and Sparky Anderson. He managed a few of the greatest players in baseball history— Albert Pujols, Rickey Henderson and Dennis Eckersley, to name a few— and he will certainly be inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame. Pretty solid career, don't you think?

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