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David Freese To Drop Puck Friday. Hopefully He Scores The Tying And Overtime Winning Goal, Too.

The Blues are finally back at Scottrade for a game after an October that saw them play eight of eleven games on the road. The fact that they’re back in STL is good news for ticket holders, but even more fun that discussing the Blues’ terrible power play is discussing how awesome David Freese is at life. How many fans will we overhear say "Man, if we had a guy like Freese on our team, we would have taken advantage of the Red Wings’ five losses in a row?" Slightly less than fans who will be saying "God, our powe rplay dance is stupid," or "JUMP, TOWEL BOY, JUMP!!" but still. People’ll say it.


For those who want Freese or a Freese-like performance from someone (anyone?), your fantasy will come halfway true for twenty seconds, as Freese is scheduled to drop the puck before Friday’s match-up against the Vancouver Canucks.


You know, if having a bunch of the Cardinals in the house motivated the Rams to finally win a damn football game, maybe the same’ll be true of the Blues.