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In Case You Live Under A Rock, Sidney Crosby Returns Tonight

Every other media outlet has mentioned this, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a heads’ up (too soon?) to our readers and hockey fans that Sidney Crosby will be returning to the Penguins’ line-up tonight against the New York Islanders. Cosby, if you remember, was concussed by a David Steckel hit in last season’s Winter Classic. Then he was foolishly played in the Pens’ following game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, where defenseman Victor Hedman finished the job.


Something to look for tonight, as has been mentioned, is who dares to hit Crosby as well as if Crosby goes in full force to the game. It’s unthinkable that coach Dan Bylsma would play him his usual minutes in tough situations so soon, but it’s not unthinkable that a member of the Islanders would dare to check The Kid.


Why is this of interest for Blues fans? David Perron, of course. Perron, who has been out longer than Crosby, no doubt will be watching tonight’s game to get a feeling for what to expect when he returns. Blues fans should as well, as it’s beneficial to know if Perron’ll be allowed to come back and be himself, or if teams’ll target him. Hopefully it’s the former, because God knows the NHL doesn’t need another Paul Kariya, regardless of who that player is.