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2011 Bowl Projections, Week 14: Is The Holiday Bowl Missouri's Most Likely Destination?

SB Nation's Bill Connelly released his latest bowl projections on Monday afternoon; he placed the Missouri Tigers in the Holiday Bowl against the California Bears, but acknowledged that there was still a lot to be decided in this particular case:

The scenario I discussed last week still exists. There are three available Big 12 slots for four Big 12 teams -- 7-5 Missouri, 7-5 Texas, 6-6 Texas A&M and 6-6 Iowa State. The Holiday chooses first (assuming 9-3 Baylor goes to the Insight Bowl ... and let's be honest: there's always a chance Texas jumps up and steals that spot ... and they will absolutely take that spot if Texas beats Baylor this weekend); if head-to-head results matter, then Missouri takes the bid, as they went 3-0 versus the other teams on the list. But if it doesn't, then one of the better-traveling Texas schools (probably Texas) might take that spot, with the other Texas school getting the Texas Bowl.

So there remains a lot to be determined this weekend, as Missouri may be the more deserving candidate for the Holiday Bowl but could very well end up passed over for a school from Texas. The Texas schools could have an edge due to the belief that they would sell more tickets to the game.

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