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Tony LaRussa To Drop Puck Friday Night; Apparently Previous Reports Were Wrong

Andy Strickland must’ve been mistaken in his tweet stating that David Freese’ll be dropping the puck on Friday. Freese’ll be at the game, but recently retired Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa will be the one responsible for the puck drop.


The Blues’re also running several specials to celebrate the Cardinals being the only franchise in St. Louis to win a championship in the last twelve years. They’ll have mezzanine Level tickets for $11.11, Plaza Level tickets for just $29 in honor of Chris Carpenter, and in one of the more misguided marketing tie-ins I’ve seen, fans wearing Cards gear get buy one, get one free hotdogs. Why not encourage people to wear swag from the other sports team in town to your games?


Considering the guys in the Blues jerseys in the outfield during the MLB All Star Game in 2009, I guess it’s fair.