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BCS Projections, Week 11: Oklahoma State, Oklahoma Sitting Pretty

Oklahoma State expected to rise to No. 2 after LSU defeats Alabama.

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With Alabama losing Saturday night to LSU, someone has to take over the No. 2 spot in the BCS rankings. According to's Samuel Chi, that team is expected to be the Oklahoma State Cowboys. If Oklahoma State does ascend to No. 2, it means that they assuredly control their own path to the BCS championship game. Here is the entire projected top 15 for Week 11:

1. LSU, 2. Oklahoma State, 3. Alabama, 4. Stanford, 5. Boise State, 6. Oklahoma, 7. Arkansas, 8. Oregon, 9. Clemson, 10. Virginia Tech, 11. Houston, 12. Penn State, 13. Kansas State, 14. South Carolina, 15. Michigan State.

As for the Oklahoma Sooners, being the second highest ranked one loss team would have its benefits, too. For one, it puts them in prime position to secure an at-large bid to a BCS game. Secondly, with Oklahoma State still remaining on their schedule, the Sooners still have an outside shot at the championship game, if things break their way.