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Sam Bradford Vs. Tim Tebow, In Case You Were Wondering

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2010 NFL Draft update: Sam Bradford threw the ball 29 times for 12 completions, an interception, and 193 yards in the St. Louis Rams'  30-13  loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Meanwhile, Josh McDaniels's favorite toy from Denver, Tim Tebow: 21-for-40, 236 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.


This says two things, and I want to say the first thing more loudly. First: You just watched Sam Bradford have a Tim Tebow Passing Game without any of the Tim Tebow trappings. If that didn't tell you how limited Tebow is as a passer in his first full season as a starter, I don't know what else I can tell you. It's much more difficult to watch without the rushing yards, the scrambling around, and the fourth quarter comebacks, and when the Broncos stop making astounding fourth-quarter comebacks every week he'll be seen for what he is—useful but limited, probably. 


Second: Sam Bradford is having a genuinely bad year. That's far from devastating for a star-potential quarterback—see Troy Aikman, Steve Young, et al—but it's something the Rams are going to have to deal with in the offseason, no matter who's running the offense and who's getting drafted.