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Missouri Vs. Illinois Update: Braggin' Rights Go To Mizzou By 41-30 Score At Halftime

Mike Dixon and the undefeated Missouri Tigers have a bead on their share of Braggin’ Rights Thursday night—they lead the Fighting Illini by a score of 41-30 at halftime of the annual Busch-sponsored rivalry game in St. Louis. Dixon has 11—including eight from the free-throw line—to lead Mizzou, who comes into the game ranked ninth to Illinois’s 25th.

The story is pretty easy to tell thus far—the Tigers have shot better—14-28, to the Illini’s 13-35—converted on more three-pointers, taken four more free throws and made all of them, and otherwise outplayed Illinois everywhere there’s basketball to be played. Despite early foul trouble for Marcus Denmon, Flip Pressey, and Ricardo Ratliffe, Missouri shows every indication of continuing their winning ways in St. Louis as the second half begins.

Of course, Missouri sports has a history of playing against expectations, as they’ll tell you at Rock M Nation. For more updates, follow along with fans there or at SB Nation’s Illinois blog, Hail to the Orange, where the eponymous braggin’ rights will come into full effect depending on who pulls this one out.