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Steve Spagnuolo Hot Seat: Would Rams Job Be Most Appealing On Market?

In his column today, Sports Illustrated's Peter King makes the argument that if the St. Louis Rams' head coaching job opens up this off season, and King expects that it will, it will be the most attractive job to potential candidates, even more so than the opening in Miami or one potentially in San Diego. King's reasoning is simple: the Rams have a young, franchise quarterback (or something close to it), prime position in this year's draft, and a massive amount of cap room heading into the next few offseasons.

It remains to be seen whether or not King's view is or will be shared across the league, but it is a compelling argument nonetheless, and he doesn't even take into account that the Rams play in arguably the worst, or at least the most volatile, division in football. But those factors that he outlines— Bradford, a high pick this year that could be potentially flipped to a quarterback needy team for a bundle of picks, and tons of cap room— will certainly be central to any pitch made by the Rams to whichever head coaching candidates they zero in on.

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