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Week 17 NFL Picks: ESPN's Eight-Man Panel Can't Find Any Hope For Rams Against 49ers.

The St. Louis Rams are officially at the bottom of the barrel now, thanks to the recent run by the Indianapolis Colts, so it is no surprise the San Francisco 49ers are heavy favorites heading into Week 17 of NFL action. You would think some experts who are behind in their staff picks for the season would at least try to take the long shot and hope to make up ground, but apparently the desire to play the odds is too strong. ESPN has released Week 17 picks, and every member of the eight-man panel has selected the San Francisco 49ers to win the final game of the regular season and lock up the number two seed in the NFC playoff bracket. Honestly, Rams fans might actually be cheering for a loss just to maximize the team's draft position headed into the 2012 NFL Draft.

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