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Green Bay Packers Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Picking America's Team

Over at Acme Packing Company, SB Nation's Green Bay Packers blog, a major claim has been staked prior to their Super Bowl performance vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers: That the Packers are—rather, remain—America's Team, the hometown Dallas Cowboys be damned.

APC offers as evidence Packers' fans knowledgeability; their incredibly devoted fanbase; and their refusal to move in the direction of the modern NFL. I don't know if these are the stuff of a Great American Team, so much as one with an incredibly tightly knit, regional fanbase, but it's an interesting argument regardless.

And regardless of their long-term claim on the title, they do seem more likely than not to be America's Team for this Super Bowl. The Steelers have had more success more recently, and everybody loves the underdog; they also have a quarterback whose run-ins with the law have found him on the wrong side of most unattached football fans. With moving on from Brett Favre as a storyline and Aaron Rodgers squeaky clean by comparison, the Packers will have themselves quite the bandwagon cheering them on Sunday night.