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Bob Sanders, St. Louis Rams Linked In Offseason Speculation

Bob Sanders, who, once upon a time, was one of the bright young stars of the Indianapolis Colts, is now a free agent, and at least one blogger (via TST) has connected the St. Louis Rams with the safety, along with the New England Patriots and fellow NFC West members the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. Sanders is a two-time Pro Bowler and four years removed from being named Defensive Player of the Year, but he's also played exactly nine games since receiving that honor. At 30, Sanders is an intriguing value pick-up a la Aeneas Williams, but unlike Williams you can't even expect playing out of Sanders; he's all upside and risk. He could just as easily find himself Jason Sehorn. 


And he's definitely not a sufficient replacement for O.J. Atogwe, the Rams' recent contribution to the free-agent-safety market. 


With the NFL labor situation in flux free agency is likely to be even tougher to navigate than usual, but someone's likely to take a chance on Sanders' knees, and it could well be the Rams. I just hope they limit the risk by relying on him as little as possible.