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Pittsburgh Steelers Injury Report: Maurkise Pouncey, Aaron Smith Questionable

The Pittsburgh Steelers' injury report in the days leading up to the 2011 Super Bowl leaves them with a number of questions, chief among them Maurkice Pouncey's status for Sunday's game. Pouncey, the Steelers' center, didn't practice Wednesday, but he could yet end up playing. Aaron Smith practiced but was limited; ESPN reports that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is less certain about Smith's status; he's been out since October with a torn triceps. Both players were listed as questionable in the injury report, along with safety Will Allen. Noted hair model Troy Polamalu is chief among the Steelers' probables, with his Achilles unlikely to keep him out of Super Bowl XLV and its commercial breaks.

The Steelers find themselves bitten a little harder by the injury bug than the Green Bay Packers going into Sunday, but there's an outside chance that both teams enter the Super Bowl at full strength. We'll see on Sunday just how liberal each side has been with the word "questionable."