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Marshall Faulk An NFL Hall Of Fame Finalist

Marshall Faulk, the St. Louis Rams' startlingly versatile running back in the Greatest Show on Turf days, is a Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist, one of three running backs to make it through to the final round. He, Jerome Bettis, and Curtis Martin will each look to be one of the between-four-and-seven elected to the Hall of Fame on Saturday; of the three, Faulk leads in total yards and touchdowns. 

Faulk's numbers are almost without parallel in the Hall of Fame—though I guess that's unsurprising, as he's the only Mike Martz running back who's yet proven eligible. Faulk's 767 receptions are more than 200 more than the second player on that list—Emmitt Smith, who played three years longer. His 136 touchdowns are fourth most of any running back, behind only Smith, Marcus Allen, and LaDainian Tomlinson, and seventh-most in NFL history. 

The Board of Selectors will almost certainly call Faulk's name soon, but I can't see a situation in which they'd be justified in not calling it tomorrow.