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Steelers-Packers Line: Super Bowl Odds Still Stagnant Saturday

People are gambling as much as ever, but Vegas has kept the Super Bowl line still since we knew who'd be participating—Steelers-Packers remains as unpredictable as ever. The line currently sits at -110 for the Packers, who are narrow favorites in most peoples' admittedly non-clairvoyant eyes.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans dismayed by this turn of events are probably not betting on the 2011 Super Bowl, but the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette still saw fit to write this primer on the actual mechanics of the betting line. One bookmaker notes that he's not trying to pick a winner so much as find a number that people on both sides of the debate will bet against.

So far, according to said bookmaker, that seems to be working; bets have come in pretty evenly, which leaves Las Vegas likely to be flush with cash come Super Bowl Monday. As for me, when I see the benefits of both sides of the betting line, that's what keeps me from betting at all. Poor, poor bookmakers. They'll be left without my minimum wages again.