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Packers Vs. Steelers: Super Bowl Winners All

If you're having problems finding an especially sympathetic angle for the Packers vs. Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, you'd be forgiven, primarily for this reason: These guys win all the time. Even if you don't count the Green Bay Packers' nine pre-Super-Bowl NFL Championships, they combine with the Pittsburgh Steelers to have been Super Bowl winners nine times in 11 chances. They don't just reach the pinnacle of the sport often—they win it almost every time. 

The Steelers have won six Super Bowls in seven chances, the most in NFL history; their only loss, in Super Bowl XXX, came to the Dallas Cowboys, who trail them with five championships. Thus endeth the Neil O'Donnell era, thanks to Larry Brown. The Steelers won four in the seventies—IX, X, XIII, XIV—and have picked up two more in the last five years, avenging their loss ten years later in Super Bowl XL, in Ben Roethlisberger's rookie season, and Super Bowl XLIII. 

The Packers' reputation as hailing from Titletown is mostly on the strength of their victories before the NFL Championship became the Super Bowl. They won the first two—I and II, for those of you who only speak Roman—but didn't return to the Super Bowl until XXXI, where they dispatched the Drew Bledsoe-led New England Patriots in the Louisiana Superdome. They returned the next year, but an aging John Elway led the Denver Broncos to a 31-24 victory in San Diego. 

Neither team offers a really sympathetic angle, which is why Super Bowl fans forced to choose in a Packers vs. Steelers scenario might find themselves rooting for the field.