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Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Watch Tomorrow's Super Bowl Ads Today

I'm not sure if this is the best use of your 2011 Super Bowl commercial dollar, but a number of companies have already put their incredibly expensive Super Bowl ads on the internet, so that people can watch them and grow bored early—Devour, an web-video curator, has already grabbed several of them and put them together on that convenient page. GM in particular has played fast and loose with its Super Bowl XLV haul—in addition to the Camaro commercials on Devour they also have several Cruze ads this GM fansite has already gotten the chance to dissect. (Too edgy! Not edgy enough! American small-car boosters are nervous at the prospect of a possible success.)


Super Bowl commercials seem to work so strongly on the element of surprise—on the idea of pretending to break a taboo, at least, even if you don't; or even, in the case of the incredibly tiresome GoDaddy girls, if you're just perpetuating old taboos—that to put them on the internet like any other video seems to diminish their uniqueness. But who am I to say? Advertisers, increasingly, appear to disagree.


I've stayed mostly unspoiled, myself, although I couldn't resist following along on that GM forum thread. If the 2011 Super Bowl's commercials are to remain an event, they need to be constrained—well, to the actual event.