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Super Bowl Recipes: A Last-Minute Roundup

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At SB Nation St. Louis we're especially partial to our own Alex Fritz's Super Bowl recipes, which feature foods for Green Bay Packers fans, Pittsburgh Steelers fans, and fans of being involved in social situations but not football so much. But if you were looking for more at the last minute, we've scanned the internet for Super Bowl recipes that did not come out of the Fritz family kitchen.


Web-culture-gadly Jason Kottke offered up a recipe for Buffalo Wings blue cheese dressing. I find blue cheese almost offensively disgusting, but I like the man's web site too much not to pass the link on. CNN, astonishingly enough, took a break from covering regime change in Egypt to offer recipes for Lemon-garlic shrimp (clearly a little high-hatted for my Super Bowl XLV extravaganza, which will involve sitting alone and eating Cheerios out of a box [and crying!]), as well as chicken taco roll-ups, which to be honest, sound delightful; and smashed red potatoes with bacon, which, you have my attention at that point.


Finally, ESPN suggests Beer Punch as your thirst-quencher, which seems a little too on the nose for me. I like grenadine, but I don't like telling someone, "Oh, yeah, I'm drinking beer punch."