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Super Bowl 2011: Time, Channel, Odds, Ads, And More

It’s just about Super Bowl 2011 time—XLV, for our Roman audience—and the anticipation in some circles has hit critical mass. But you have to know where to look before you can get depressed about how bad some of this year’s Super Bowl commercials are, so this year’s Super Bowl time, channel, odds, etc. are as follows:

Time: 5:30 CST. Place: FOX, which has agreed to piss of fans of Family Guy and The Simpsons for one more week. Odds: The Super Bowl line hasn’t really moved in the two weeks we’ve known it would be Packers vs. Steelers; Packers remain the narrow favorites, although Nate Silver cautions that that doesn’t mean we’ll have a close Super Bowl.

Commercials: Some Super Bowl ads have already begun streaming on the internet. Impress your friends by predicting the exact moment in which the Chevy Camaro will transform into a robot and murder the guy who’s hitting it with a novelty foam hammer. We’ve also got a Super Bowl commercials drinking game, if you love commercials about drinking.