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2011 Super Bowl Line: Packers Vs. Steelers Odds Immobile Near Game Time

I (and presumably Vegas) hate to sound like a broken record, but the 2011 Super Bowl odds just haven’t moved at all all week—at every update there’s little to say except, “Well, nothing to report here.” Doc’s Sport Service declares it “one of the least interesting Super Bowls in history”, so long as your idea of “interesting” is that meaning where people rub their thumb and forefinger together. The Packers remain favorites by about 2.5 points; the bets continue to come in 50/50 for Vegas, which means that things aren’t about to change before game time.

Of course, maybe this is your idea of thumb-and-forefinger interesting—the Carnegie Museum of Art, in Pittsburgh, has a Renoir original on the line with the Milwaukee Museum of Art, in one of my favorite traditions being continued during Super Bowl XLV. I did not major in art history, but Renoir seems like the big name impressionist here, to Milwaukee’s Caillebotte—I don’t think they checked the line before making this wager. Last year the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art made a similar wager. SLAM is probably hoping against hope that the Rams don’t draft a wide receiver next year.