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2011 Super Bowl: Lea Michele, Christina Aguilera Sing National Anthem Et Cetera

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If you were wondering when the 2011 Super Bowl would kick off—well, keep wondering. Lea Michele from Glee, TV’s campiest nightmare, sang “America the Beautiful” on a huge platform at midfield. She was followed, mercifully quickly, by Christina Aguilera, singing a version of the National Anthem short enough to confound prop betters taking the “over” on 1:54, even after her inexplicable final note/notes. With Kung Fu Panda 2 and Livingsocial ads in the foreground the Cowboy Stadium grounds crew removed the platform to prepare for the coin toss.

For what it’s worth, I kind of liked Glee before every other episode became Very Special. In any case, it was interesting to hear one of its stars without a ton of chorus effect and autotune, although the Super Bowl audience might have been a good time to break into “Don’t Stop Believin’” again.

Aguilera’s National Anthem was… completely as expected, although not quite as long as I’d worried. Someday people will stop trying to repeat Whitney Houston’s landmark performance and begin singing the song correctly. That will be a wonderful moment in Super Bowl history.