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VIDEO Worst Super Bowl Commercials: Bud Light's Interior Decorator

Bud Light appears to be following an increasingly tired pattern for their Super Bowl ads—thirtysomething guy can’t think of anything except beer; beer causes him to forget about shoddy craftsmanship or his family; thirtysomething pals come by to party hearty. Tonight it was a TV interior decorator who did nothing except place a bucket of Bud Light on a countertop. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: His wife was kind of pissed about it, but the dude was totally psyched. A party ensued.

The video should be available shortly on Bud Light’s Official YouTube Channel, but just imagine any of their other ads with a slightly different scenario and you’ll be almost all the way there.

The sad thing about this one is that there’s so much room to make fun of the proliferation of interior-decorator shows on cable TV, but they didn’t do it. Though, strangely enough, the wife actually got into this party at the end—maybe this is part of a slow and subtle plot arc in which these thirtysomething couples who appear to have no common interests begin to reconcile.