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Worst Super Bowl Commercials: GoDaddy, Joan Rivers Descend Into Ad Self-Self Parody

This should come as a shock to nobody—GoDaddy has continued its run as undisputed Super Bowl commercials downer, with Danica Patrick and company announcing the unflappable Joan Rivers as the new girl.

I was told to see what happens next at, but I imagine it goes something like this: Everybody in the crowd waiting to see a hot chick leaves, and Danica Patrick and company have to console a crushed Joan Rivers, who’s been working out for months just to prepare for this role.

“I’m a joke, aren’t I?” she says, her deep smoker’s voice cracking under the strain. “All this time they were just making a joke?”

Danica sheds a single tear as she realizes all this ad-time has made people forget she was once a promising racing figure in her own right, and the GoDaddy girls sigh deeply as they realize all at once what they’ve become. Melissa Rivers comes to pick her mother up in her old-person’s-car and they all stop somewhere to eat and discuss where things went wrong.

Either that, or it looks like one of them is about to get naked!! But then they don’t get naked.