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2011 Super Bowl: Ben Roethlisberger Intercepted Twice, Steelers Trail 21-3

Experience hasn’t been a factor in the 2011 Super Bowl’s first half: Ben Roethlisberger, out to win his third Super Bowl title with the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been intercepted twice by the Green Bay Packers in the first half of Super Bowl XLV. Roethlisberger is 8-for-14 with 66 passing yards and the two interceptions, the fourth and fifth of his Super Bowl career. Roethlisberger has been most effective holding onto the ball—a crucial 18-yard run kept a drive going when nothing else would in the first half. Rashard Mendenhall has eight carries for 30 yards.

He’s been eclipsed in the first half by Aaron Rodgers, who appears to have successfully emerged from the shadow of Brett Favre. Rodgers is 11-for-16 for 137 yards and two touchdowns, and he’s used all of his weapons, from the veteran Donald Driver to younger stars Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings, who both have touchdowns.

The Green Bay Packers have a 21-3 lead in the first half and will be getting the ball back in the second half, after deferring their win in the coin toss.