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Super Bowl Commercials: Faith Hill's Flowers, "Nice Rack"

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Teleflora has successfully targeted a Super Bowl commercial featuring Faith Hill and all about flowers at the men who will be sending arrangements to women on Valentine’s Day, thanks in part to a truly touching card message: “Nice rack.” An interesting and kind of reductive way to keep men posted during an ad about flowers, but I’m sure it worked.

Hill suggests our Demographically-Appropriate Slacker look into his heart to find a message for his sweetheart—I’m not quite sure what they’re doing together in the first place, but that’s not important—and inside his heart his girlfriend’s rack casts a long shadow.

Says Hill, with surprisingly solid comedic timing: “So you sent that.”

Confirms the slacker: The rack is unreal. Normally these ads, with their incredibly dim male protagonists, kind of bother me, but this one was handled weirdly deftly given the subject matter, and was just plain weird given the product. I was also kind of surprised to see Faith Hill is still a public figure, but I’m fine with that.