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2011 Super Bowl: Charles Woodson Out With Collarbone Injury, Won't Return

Charles Woodson, one of the veteran anchors of the Green Bay Packers’ defense, won’t return to the 2011 Super Bowl after suffering a collarbone injury in the first half. Woodson left near the end of the half, just as Ben Roethlisberger was finally beginning to come online.

Woodson, whose previous Super Bowl experience comes in a loss in Super Bowl XXXVII, in which his Oakland Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but Woodson recorded an interception, has played for the Packers since 2006 and recorded 30 interceptions in that time period. At 34 he’s the oldest key member of the Packers’ defense, and was expected to play a major part in keeping Roethlisberger down in Super Bowl XLV.

Donald Driver—the only older starter on the Packers—will return after suffering an ankle injury in the game’s first half. He picked up the Packers’ first first down of the game and has two receptions for 28 yards in a game that’s seen Aaron Rodgers hit all of his major targets multiple times.