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VIDEO Best Super Bowl Commercials: Eminem, Chrysler "Imported From Detroit"

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Both reincarnated American automakers have returned to the 2011 Super Bowl, but only Chrysler's startlingly effective Super Bowl commercial managed to declare its cars imports from a place, Detroit, where most Americans have not lately wanted to be. It's an interesting attempt at countering the city and the company's negative reputation by owning it, and somehow they managed to figure out several angles at which the Chrysler 200, a refreshed Sebring, looks positively attractive. It also brought Eminem—also imported from Detroit—back for a second commercial in the same Super Bowl. 

I'm going to be honest: I'm a fan of neither the Sebring nor Eminem, although I do have a soft spot in my heart for the old Chrysler 300M, but as over the top as this ad was it kind of worked for me. I'm ready to start a USA chant, even though the 200 will spend most of its time in rental lots until the new version comes out in a year or two. Losing myself in the music is still a maybe.