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Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Winners; Vince Lombardi Trophy At Ancestral Home

The Green Bay Packers have won Super Bowl XLV, and for the first time since Super Bowl XXXI in 1997 the Vince Lombardi Trophy will return to its ancestral home in Wisconsin. It's the fourth such win for the Packers, putting them within one of second place—the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys have five—and two of the Pittsburgh Steelers' six.

The win also leaves Aaron Rodgers tied with Brett Favre for second on the Packers' roster of Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. Bart Starr took the first two and maintains the record, although Rodgers, 28 next season, has plenty of time to chase Starr down. After half a lifetime of Favre comparisons being compared to another iconic Hall of Fame quarterback should be no big deal.

It's hard to compare quarterbacks across eras, but if Rodgers wasn't quite so flawless as Bart Starr in Super Bowl I he did an outstanding job of playing with the burden of the entire offense on his shoulders—James Starks ran the ball just nine times, so the Packers didn't even pretend otherwise. It was Rodgers' game, and he won it.