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Eminem, Chrysler Make Buzzworthy Super Bowl Commercials Comeback

The Super Bowl Commercials 2011 hype going into the big advertising game was for Volkswagen’s Darth Vader ad, but Eminem and Chrysler appear to have been the most effective combination of pop culture icon and down-on-its-luck brand in the 2011 Super Bowl of Car Commercials. “Imported from Detroit”, which met an indifferent response from car aficionados when Chrysler trotted it out in December, has suddenly become a buzzworthy tagline. It’s as unlikely a comeback as Eminem’s huge crossover hits from last year.

In a sporting event designed almost specifically to play on our most patriotic urges and fete our love of the underdog it was a brilliant move, and I’d be stunned if all parties involved—Chrysler, the real Slim Shady, especially Detroit—don’t see significantly higher approval ratings this morning than they did last week.

The 200 isn’t on my must-buy list yet, but I’ll be proud to rent one on accident someday, and I’m lying to you and myself if I don’t say I’ll probably listen to “Lose Yourself” at least once when that happens. The opportunity, I’m told, comes once in a lifetime.