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Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial: Lord Vader, Your Volkswagen Passat Is Ready

Until recently the Darth Vader connection was typically made with cars that were sinister, all-black, and typically angular—the Buick GNX, the Chevy Impala SS, et al. But the time finally came for a Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial, and we got—a silver Volkswagen Passat. And Darth Vader is an adorable six-year-old who just wants to Force Choke an alternator.

The new Passat is made specifically for American tastes—i.e. they a little condescendingly made it Bigger And Cheaper—but their commercial is more tonally appropriate. They took an American icon, they made it ironic and cute, and they made us feel good at the end.

Well done, Volkswagen. I still don’t know why anybody buys your cars, but I’m glad Affluent Youngish Dad got the one with remote-start, so as to help his kid continue his dreams of becoming a Sith Lord. Thus ends the reign of the Impala SS and the Grand National and any other black car with a big engine. Lord Vader, your juice box is ready. I hope you like Ecto Cooler.