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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Rams Look To Build On Suprise Season With Strong Draft

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The Rams played better last season than anyone could have expected, narrowly missing out on a playoff spot behind rookie quarterback Sam Bradford (I know it was the NFC West, but still). Therefore, they will be drafting a lot later in the first round than they might have been expected to when the season began. But that doesn't mean they won't have a good opportunity to improve the club with the 14th overall pick.

SB Nation just released their latest mock draft, and they have the Rams taking Cameron Jordan, a defensive lineman out of Cal. Here is their rationale.

A receiver would be nice for the Rams, but there's at least a solid chance the team will re-sign Mark Clayton. There's nothing across from Chris Long at defensive end, and Jordan's stock is hot after an outstanding week at the Senior Bowl.

It seems like the Rams are looking for a defensive lineman every year about this time. Jordan had an excellent week at the Senior Bowl and sky rocketed up draft charts. He went from a borderline first round pick to  someone nearly guaranteed to be taken in the top 20. If he plays as well as he did there in the NFL, he could be a big difference maker for the Rams. But the question has to be asked, Why didn't he show that kind of ability before the Senior Bowl practices?

The Rams could still use some help at the offensive skill positions, and there are other spots on the defense that could use help. But there should be a lot of players available that could fit into the Rams system. They should have their pick of the litter.