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Super Bowl Commercials 2011: USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter Likes Dogs

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I am not one to typically impugn the USA Today, which has a lot of good newspaper design ideas, but their Super Bowl Ad Meter has done a fantastic job of picking not the best commercials so much as Super Bowl 2011 commercials that feature dogs. The winners: A tie between an execrable Bud Light ad that I think might have been about underground dogfighting, and the Doritos ad about the pug who, wait for it, loves Doritos.

Number three, at least, is Volkswagen's popular Darth Vader ad. But Pepsi Max, another failure, is next, Bud Light, like Derek Jeter, continues to get overrated for former performances, and the brilliant Audi Luxury Prison ad is stuck at 20th.

At least they got the bottom right. Along with two boring but inoffensive Hyundai ads viewers responded the least to yet another miserable GoDaddy ad. No commercial has made me less likely to use a product than GoDaddy's base attempts to sell domain names to people who don't need them, and I'm including those cigarette ads with huge pictures of diseased lungs on them.