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2011 Selection Sunday Show: Missouri State's Bubble Bobble

Selection Sunday 2011 promises to fill up your TV schedule like few other sports events, but with an NCAA Tournament berth on the line the Missouri State Bears are unlikely to mind their favorite shows being preempted for one last round of Joe Lunardi-infused bracketology. That is, until the art of NCAA Tournament bracketology finally hardens into the depressing history of NCAA Tournament brackets. They're the ones who will find this year's event the most pressing; meanwhile, the MIssouri Tigers will see if their late-season slide cost them—that is, just how much their late-season slide cost them—while the Missouri Valley Conference champions the Indiana State Sycamores will get the chance to see what it's like to sleep in on Selection Sunday for the good reason, for once. 

Missouri State is widely thought to be on the wrong side of the tournament bubble, but nothing will be certain until Selection Sunday finally winds through its hours of preview programming and shows us the actual bubble-bursting, hope-swallowing real deal on CBS.