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2011 NCAA Printable Bracket: SB Nation's Gift To You

NCAA Bracket 2012 is here.

With the NCAA Tournament just about to begin I'd be a little surprised if you didn't already have 10-20 2011 NCAA printable brackets staring you in the face, but SB Nation is excited to be your blank bracket provider of last resort—we have this handsome edition available for immediate downloading, printing, and defacing. As a bonus, this annotated March Madness bracket will also serve as a reminder of just how many college sports blogs we've launched in the last few years.

For those of you turning your last-minute bracket in, I have one suggestion—be That Guy. Pick all the higher-seeded teams to beat all the lower-seeded teams in every round, all the way to Ohio State, Kansas, Duke, and Pitt meeting in the Final Four. This is the March Madness Blandness strategy, and nobody has ever been embarrassed by choosing it. And the poor sportsmanship angle is a great mask for your real status as an NCAA bracket novice. It's like bidding $2 on The Price Is Right after the guy to your left just bid $1. That is: It's awesome.