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NCAA Tournament Schedule: First Four On truTV

The NCAA Tournament schedule has gotten much tougher to follow, between the NCAA instituting its impressively arbitrary First Four round and the TV schedule fragmenting among four separate networks, but I've made it my goal to read through it so you don't have to. The First Four start today, at 5:30, on truTV, the artist formerly known as Court TV. That's when North Carolina-Asheville and Arkansas-Little Rock meet up for the chance to win a 16th seed in a relatively traditional play-in game. Tradition is thrown to the wolves at 8:00, when Clemson and UAB compete for a 12th seed. 

On Wednesday Texas-San Antonio and Alabama State are your 16th-seed competitors at 5:30; Virginia Commonwealth and USC play the 8:00 game. After that the meat of the NCAA Tournament begins, and people who look to truTV for weirdly gleeful courtroom and true-crime drama-documentaries will be out of luck for most of March. 

Missouri State fans: be advised that their NIT contest against Murray State will take place at 7:00; it's televised on, if you have the right cable or satellite provider. (It's still televised at ESPN3 if you don't have the right cable or satellite provider, it's just less enjoyable for you.)