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NCAA Tournament Schedule: truTV First Four Conclude Tonight

As the 2011 NCAA Tournament schedule rolls on into its second day it's my sincere hope that fans have found out, by now, where truTV could possibly be in their cable guides. (Look around the other channels you've never watched before, and never plan on watching again.) Tonight the First Four concludes as UT-San Antonio and Alabama State, who has the lowest NCAA Tournament odds of any team in the field, play at 5:30 for the last 16-seed in the round of 64. At the 8:10 spot you'll find USC and VCU competing for an inexplicably play-in-enabled 11th seed, which seems like a strange competition to have unless you're the NCAA. 

After the First Four ends your TV schedule gets significantly more complex and infinitely more rewarding as the NCAA Basketball Tournament for 2011 begins in earnest. I helped a number of people find truTV on their digital cable this afternoon, and for them, if not the NCAA, it is immediately apparent to me that no matter what the tournament insists, it begins when it becomes incredibly difficult to follow all the games at once.