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2011 March Madness Bracket Updated For Round Of 64

Unless your NCAA Bracket pool is especially vindictive you probably haven't lose any ground after yesterday's conclusion of the First Four—even if you, say, picked USC to go two deep, like certain, possibly biased friends of mine, you'll just get the chance to root for VCU in the newly christened second round, even if you didn't go to grad school there. With that in mind, SB Nation has updated its printable 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket to reflect the victories by UNC-Asheville, Clemson, VCU and Texas-San Antonio. Meanwhile, the NCAA will continue to insist that the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament you're all filling out brackets for actually started two days ago, which is bad news for you if you're just printing this out now. 


With four games in the books it's officially worth talking about—was two games a night for two days on truTV, sandwiched between creepy 48 Hours Investigates reruns, really bracket-worthy for you? I kept forgetting about them, which has to be bad news, although it's fair to point out that I don't live in San Antonio or Asheville, or go to grad school at USC.