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March Madness Bracket Update: Missouri Bows Out Vs. Cincinnati

Depressing though it may be, Missouri's exit from the NCAA Tournament comes on our day-one March Madness bracket update; their exit against sixth-seed Cincinnati by a score of 78-63 leaves the state without a standard-bearer, unless you're willing to adopt the Missouri Valley Conference champs, Indiana State, for tomorrow's slate of games. The good news, for people who like other teams' bad news: Cincinnati gets Kemba Walker and UConn on Saturday. Morehead State's startling win over Louisville is just one of a number of (usually more predictable) NCAA basketball scores in today's NCAA bracket update. Get your pencils and heretofore-blank brackets ready:

In typically brutal 1-16 action, Pitt crushed UNC-Asheville 74-51, which should finally teach those 16th seeds to stay away from the schoolyard after dark; number-two San Diego State clocked Northern Colorado 68-50 with a strong second half, and Florida topped their own 15th seed, UC Santa Barbara, 79-51; third-seed BYU renewed the Jimmer Fredette show for another season by staving off Wofford 74-66, and #3 UConn hammered Bucknell 81-52. 

Then, an upset! Louisville fell 62-61 to Morehead State, because we definitely didn't get enough of the Morehead State puns in the first round. Fellow fourth seeds Wisconsin—72-58 over Belmont—and Kentucky—narrowly getting past Princeton, 59-57—will definitely let them hear about it at the reunion. Just one fifth seed, Vanderbilt, found themselves locked in that position's usual existential angst; they fell 69-66 to Richmond, while West Virginia beat Clemson 84-76 and Kansas State stopped Utah 73-68. 

As for the lower-seeded games.. I don't want to talk about it. The Missouri wounds are a little too fresh. For all the latest scores, and all the ones I'm not emotionally ready to discuss, check