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NCAA Bracket Predictions: Norm MacDonald's Sudden Realization (VIDEO)

Prolific and startlingly great Tweeter Norm MacDonald (samples: "Its not a true paradox. More a winsome way of viewing quantum entaglement."; "If you are competing with another gent for the same girl and he plays the lute and you dont you are in serious trouble."), who's spent most of his Twitter life contemplating a short story; discussing math and history; and, you guessed it, not talking about Frank Stallone, recently posted a video about his NCAA Tournament picks in which he showed off the end of his bracket. 

In the video, which reveals that his Elite 8 is seven-eighths top seeds, he talks about what led him to this entirely unsurprising conclusion. "This guy fed all this information into a giant computer, and he's supposed to be some smart guy... I'm beginning to sense that the people who seeded [the tournament] also probably put it through a giant computer. So his information, their information, probably overlaps drastically, so I have a lot of favorites... I have pretty good faith in it, it came from a computer."

As a rule, picking all top seeds is likely to leave you with fewer friends in your office pool than you started with, but I still highly recommend following him on Twitter.