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Facebook Commenting Makes SB Nation Facier

Programming note: SB Nation St. Louis—along with all the other regionals, and the mothership—now has Facebook-integrated commenting. That means, first of all, that I'll have to look more work-appropriate in my Facebook photos from now on. To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum, there is no second thing it means, except that we're officially Web 2.1. 


Comments will remain threaded and logging in basically involves being logged into Facebook, so functionally we've got the same set-up. But if you're not interested in sharing your comments on, say, Adam Wainwright's elbow surgery with the wider world, be sure to click off the checkbox about posting to Facebook. (If you are interested in sharing those comments with the wider world—well, by all means.) 


To answer the first question I had about this move: Nope, this won't be trickling down to the team-specific blogs. Some of the things said on Viva El BirdosTurf Show Times, and St. Louis Game Time, it must be said, need to remain pseudonymous for legal purposes...