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Report: Mike Anderson On The Way To Arkansas

It didn't take long for Missouri basketball's frustrating 2010-2011 season to get even more frustrating—just days after being eliminated from the second round of the NCAA Tournament reports have surfaced suggesting that head coach Mike Anderson could be headed to Arkansas—and soon. CBS Sports reported the news Saturday night. 

Anderson was an assistant coach for the Razorbacks under Nolan Richardson for 17 years before beginning his career as a head coach. He's been Missouri's coach for five seasons, rebuilding a program dinged up by the controversial tenure of Quin Snyder and instituting a fast-paced, popular style of play at Mizzou Arena. Anderson has stated he has no desire to leave Missouri, which has done absolutely nothing to tamp down speculation of an imminent defection in a state that's still trying to get over the Albert Pujols contract extravaganza. 

Bernie Miklasz wrote earlier this week that Arkansas AD Jeff Long might not be as eager as Arkansas's "prominent alums" to hand the job over to Anderson, which could lead to an interesting dynamic over the next week.