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March Madness 2011 Standings: Ohio State Survives Upset Weekend

The first No. 1 seed of the tournament fell over the weekend, when the Pitt Panthers dropped a crushing, free-throw-laden game to No. 8 Butler by a score of 71-70, but the top of the March Madness standings, such as they are, remains intact—No. 1 overall Ohio State, along with Kansas and Duke, are still around heading into the Sweet 16. 

Notre Dame is the only two seed out of the tournament, following its ugly loss to 10th-seeded Florida State, but two third seeds, Syracuse and Purdue, found themselves ejected by double-digit squads. Beyond that, two four seeds—Kentucky and Wisconsin—and one five seed, Arizona, remain. 

That leaves the field with an impressive five high seeds still in the tournament. Marquette, Richmond, VCU, Butler, and Florida State are all still alive, and since VCU and FSU play each other at least one of these teams is guaranteed to reach the Elite Eight.

2010 featured three double-digit squads in the Sweet 16—St. Mary's, who lost 72-49 to Butler; Washington, who fell to West Virginia; and Cornell, who was crushed 62-45 after putting up 87 on Wisconsin in the round of 32. Which of the remaining underdogs will fail to score 50 in their own Sweet 16 game?